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Case #31921379

Summary: Repeated episodes of transient visual loss (black outs) of the right eye, lasting for 5-10 minutes while either standing or sitting.


72-year-old with 4 episodes of vision loss.

Inquiry: Bilateral vs Unilateral

Inquiry: Duration
5 - 10 minutes apart.

Inquiry: Episode Characteristics
Complete black out of vision

Inquiry: Activity during the episode
Episodes occur during both sitting and standing.

Inquiry: Pattern of visual loss
4 episodes, 2 episodes involved the lower half of vision, the other 2 involved the central visual field blacking out

Inquiry: Other Symptoms

Inquiry: Current Medication
History is significant for a history of coronary artery disease, for which he received stents earlier in the last year.

Exam Results

Laboratory testing: echocardiogram revealed normal heart ventricular size and motion, normal heart valves and normal contrast study. Carotid Duplex ultrasound revealed 0-40% narrowing of both carotid arteries with calcified plaque, but normal flow on each side.