About Flip-Talks

Flip-Talks is an educational resource for enhancing graduate level medical education utilizing the principles of a “Flipped classroom”. The purpose of Flip-Talks is to change the lecturer’s interaction with the audience by providing a more personalized classroom dialog that relies less on a generalized didactic approach to the material. The current focus is to provide a web-based medical case-study resource for students to review and provide feedback to specific questions prior to an instructional lecture. The review of material by students prior to a formal lecture we believe creates greater discussion during a lecturer’s presentation and allows the lecturer to identify areas of proficiency as well as topics that need special attention during the discussion. By flipping the class room in medical education, students are more engaged and challenged to participate during instructor lead seminars allowing a more enriching learning experience.

How to Use

Flip-Talks is a free service focused on allowing educators to create a “Flipped Classroom” for medical education.


Educators begin by creating an account. (Currently available by request or invitation using an Invitation Code) After registration, educators can create an unlimited number of lecture materials. Each course or lecture is assigned a “Lecture Code”. The code is then available to disseminate to students. The educator log in allows you to create, edit and review assignments as well as view student responses. The materials created and responses can be used dynamically during your course. Follow the steps below to begin.

  1. Create a Lecturer Account
  2. Create Case-Study materials for an upcoming lecture
  3. Receive a Lecture code required to access your material
  4. Provide the code to students
  5. Review responses
  6. Curate lecture and/or use student response during lecture to enhance discussion.

Exisiting Lecturer Login

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Students use the service by entering a “Lecture Code” in the area below and will get instance access to the course materials, no sign-up is required.

  1. Receive your lecture code from your instructor.
  2. Enter code on www.Flip-Talks.com
  3. Review the case-study material online provided by the instructor and answer questions prior to the attending the lecture.
  4. Attend the lecture and discuss with your peers your choices for managing the case.

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